The cotton conection


The wind I felt in France
February 2005
世界キルトカーニバル名古屋 入賞
Machine Piecing – Hand Applique – Hand & Machine Quilting




This quilt won the contest at the World Quilt Carnival Nagoya.

Actually this work is an extension of the work the title “Vicy”.  There was a frame around the church that was removed.

When I was 19, I studied abroad in France for two months. My primary purpose was to learn French (I’ve forgotten it now…), but rather, I spent my days looking forward to sketching in the park between classes. This quilt was created based on the sketch at that time.

Vicy is the name of the small town in central France where I lived at that time.

I sketched with a pencil the church seen from a small park in the town. It was a very cold season(February and March), but I remember a beautiful and warm sunset.

When I made it, it was finished in a warm image quilt. The building and car in the upper left part.

This is the home I stayed. The host mother’s car was very old so that it would almost fall into pieces when the wind blew, but it was firmly rooted in front of the front door.

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