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未来へ To the future 2008

東京国際キルトフェスティバル 上田葉子審査員賞 受賞

Machine Piecing – Machine, Hand Applique – Machine Quilting






This quilt won the Jury Award at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.

This quilt was completed during the winter of 2008.  I started working this quilt while I was pregnant, and about two years later, I had a cheerful nursery school child who stuck to my feet and said “Mommy ! Mommy !”

I chose a sea turtle that swims gracefully as a guardian deity that protects my daughter forever. I hope that my daughter will live in the future world peacefully.

I put a letter inside this quilt and I want her to read after 20 years. The night when I was trying to sew the letter, my mother-in-law was moved and gave me ” 10,000 yen bill! ” I received and I hid it together in the quilt. I’m more interested in what this daughter spends than on the letter.

Will she be a decent adult by then?

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