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Roku  2005
Machine Piecing
Machine Applique
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ミシン愛好家によるグループ、マシン・キルト・アート・アソシエイツのメンバーだった2005年、Show & Tell で発表したキルトです。




“Roku” was my dog a wire fox terrier. He broke through the window and jumped out into the garden, or escaped on a rainy day, my neighbor rescued him when he was standing lonely, or escaped from the window on the second floor and he could not move on the roof Or… Anyway, he was a dog with a lot of energy to escape.

I tried to quilt the moment when he wanted to go to the garden.

It is a trademark quilt that I always bring to quilt show everywhere we go every year (it was displayed in the booth), and it was always displayed in my quilt shop in Tokyo.

He died in 2010 at the age of 16. In the last few years, I didn’t go to see him because I was busy, and he died without seeing me. It is a sad memory that I only feel regret.

Until the day before I got married, we slept together on the same bed every night.
When I eat, He sit on my back in the chair. Thanks to this quilt, I can always remember Roku’s warmth.

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